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AboutDDD 2022

A journeythrough generations

Dutch Digital Day 2022 - 1st of July

Dutch Digital Day is organised by Dutch Digital Agencies (DDA), the branche organisation for the digital industry.

DDA was founded in 2002 and therefore exists for 20 years. On July 1 2022, we took you on a journey of generations. Three generations of the web - generations of digital pioneers that changed the industry - right to the challenge we face now: what legacy will we leave behind? What will we leave for future generations? Together, let’s shine a light on making the world a better place.

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Speakers 2022

Next billion Creatives

Payal Arora

Next billion Creatives

Payal Arora is a digital anthropologist, a TEDx speaker, and an author of award-winning books, including "The Next Billion Users" with Harvard Press. Her expertise lies in global media cultures, digital inequality, and inclusive design. Forbes named her the "next billion champion" and the "right kind of person to reform tech." She is a Professor at Erasmus University Rotterdam, and Co-Founder of FemLab, a future of work initiative. In this talk she will give you an idea of what our digital world may be when the next billion have joined.

Shopping with hyper-personalised inclusive models

Michael Musandu

Shopping with hyper-personalised inclusive models

Michael Musandu is the CEO and founder of Amsterdam-based Lalaland, which generates hyper-personalised ethnically and body-size inclusive models for fashion ecommerce brands like Wehkamp, Stieglitz. As it turns out, Lalaland not only addresses the diversity and inclusion problem, helping brands to attract new customers, it also reduces the return rate significantly, and thereby reducing costs and environmental impact.

Stories of the start

Kees Teszelszky

Stories of the start

Dr Kees Teszelszky is a historian and curator of digital collections at the National Library of The Netherlands. He makes use of computers since 1984, has been online since 1992 and has been involved in research on web archiving and born digital sources since 2012. His present research field covers the selection, harvest and presentation of born digital sources and digital humanities. He is also Meme Lord at the National Library and created with colleagues the Medieval Memes Generator.

A Field Guide to Internet Emotion

Pamela Pavlicszak

A Field Guide to Internet Emotion

Pamela’s work helps people understand how technology can broaden their emotional range. She is the founder of Subjective, a creative studio for emotion tech, testing emotional AI systems in cars to understand how it could make roads safer, and testing creative strategies for simulating a feeling of home in an AR app for clients like Google and IKEA. At Dutch Digital Day, she'll talk about how technology is changing emotion and together we'll explore 5 patterns in our emotional evolution and the implications for future humans.

Dance of Urgency

Bogomir Doringer

Dance of Urgency

Bogomir Doringer is a Serbian / Dutch artist, curator and head of education & research at Nxt Museum in Amsterdam. At Dutch Digital Day, he will be presenting the ongoing project I Dance Alone, which observes clubbing from a birds-eye-view as a mirror or reaction to socio-political changes. Zooming into dancing gestures and anonymous dancing bodies has provided extensive knowledge and insight into club culture. In addition, the project established the term "dance of urgency", a dance that aims to empower individuals and groups in times of personal or collective crisis. Such a dance seeks to enable us to build communities of resistance, coping and catharsis - becoming a powerful agent of urban renewal.

The C A R E Principles

Isabel Verstraete

The C A R E Principles

Isabel Verstraete worked both on the corporate side of the fence as on agency side in France, The Netherlands, and her home country Belgium. Her biggest driver in her job has always been the ability to help brands. Since 2011 she runs her own strategy consultancy and has been leading strategic assignments in brand strategy, marketing, and product innovation. During the pandemic, she researched why certain companies deal better with a crisis and discovered there is a pattern behind their success. She wrote a book about it called: ‘does your brand care? Building a better world with the C A R E Principles.’ The C A R E Principles is a strategic framework for companies and organizations that want to grow in a caring and sustainable way. You can measure how well your organization scores on the Care Principles and there is a whole toolkit to actively become a more caring organization. Want to know more? Get inspired, get going or get educated.

Visit to the Metaverse

Daniël van der Waals

Visit to the Metaverse

Daniël van der Waals (MA in Nieuwe Media & Digitale Cultuur, founder Beemup & Your Open Metaverse) is a visionary entrepreneur, who has been dreaming about VR for more than just gaming. He got encouraged by the unlimited possibilities to present with your own avatar in 3D. Since the beginning of this year, Daniël has been building a community on LinkedIN to explore various virtual worlds. Daniël will take us on a journey through the Metaverse: what is possible now and what will the future bring?

The Missing Cryptoqueen

Jamie Bartlett

The Missing Cryptoqueen

Jamie Bartlett is a technology writer. In 2019-2020 he wrote and presented the number 1 podcast hit The Missing Cryptoqueen, which investigated the OneCoin ponzi scheme & whereabouts of its founder Dr Ruja Ignatova. His book The Missing Cryptoqueen is out this month. His previous books include The Dark Net (2015), which was translated into 15 languages.



Friday 1st of July

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Friday 1st of July

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