Friday 23rd of June


AboutDDD 2023

Dutch Digital Day 2023 - 23rd of June

Digital Dutchies are a motley crew of ideators and builders, inventors and makers.

The annual Dutch Digital Day is an ode to all smartifiers. It's where we gather to learn, share, and progress together – as a collective community. With specialist speakers injecting new ideas into our binary consciousness, the event is designed to inspire the next industry unicorn(s) to make the world a better place through technology.

Screw virtual, let’s hang out together in the real world. Ready to be part of something big?

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Dutch textile designer

Borre Akkersdijk

Dutch textile designer

Dutch textile designer, co-founder and creative director of textile innovation studio BYBORRE. Akkersdijk took fashion design courses at the Fashion Institute of Technology in NYC and graduated from the Design Academy Eindhoven in 2009 while also working at Paris-based design and trend consultancy Studio Edelkoort. He started what became the foundation of BYBORRE in 2010, initially consulting for brands such as Nike and Louis Vuitton before deciding to focus solely on the development of his now signature 3D knitted fabrics. Researching into the future of fashion and integrated technology.

Cartographer of society

Carlijn Kingma

Cartographer of society

In collaboration with researchers and journalists she maps the invisible power structures and institutional lay-outs that steer our society. In 2017, her work was honored with the New Babylon Award, and displayed in the Kunstmuseum Den Haag. In 2018, Kingma won the Architecture Drawing Prize, in the category hand-drawing. As a result, she got to exhibit her work in the Sir John Soane’s Museum in London. At DDD she’ll talk about her most recent cartography: The Waterworks of Money, made in collaboration with Thomas Bollen, and Follow the Money.

Puts a beating heart in music & technology


Puts a beating heart in music & technology

She sings, dances, programs, experiments her way through everything that is human. Captivating, playful and intimate; every performance is a spectacular audio-visual experience that inspires and connects. Joining the London music technology startup MiMU kicked off Chagall’s fascination for motion controllers in electronic music performance and stimulated her to learn more about computer programming. By 2017 she produced her first live show in which she controlled all digital elements in the music and visual projections with her MiMU Gloves.

World-renowned musician and BBC TV broadcaster

LJ Rich (Moderator)

World-renowned musician and BBC TV broadcaster

LJ Rich presents on the international technology show, BBC Click and hosts the United Nations ITU AI for Good Summit. In the last year she's delivered lines at 75mph from the UK's tallest thrill ride, performed to a drone in the sea off the Welsh Coast and learned to rap on camera thanks to a mind-reading AI headset. She is also a highly accomplished pianist, she uses music to connect the emotional and rational minds of audiences, unlocking creative thinking and solving real-world problems.



Friday 23rd of June

13.00 - 21.00


LIEF, Basisweg 63, 1043 AN Amsterdam


LJ Rich

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    Oobah Butler

    Filmmaker and author

  • Luan Buleshk

    Luan Buleshk

    Spoken word artist and poet

  • Amber Jae

    Amber Jae

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  • Wouter de Jong

    Wouter de Jong

    Speaker, trainer and consultant

  • Hisko Hulsing

    Hisko Hulsing

    Director and production designer of Undone




Friday 23rd of June